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Aussies Super Sunday Rapid Fire Recap

It was a wild finals day to wrap up the 2022/23 Surf Sports Summer at the Australian Surf Life Saving Titles. Dive in below for a rapid fire recap of the finals day racing. 

Conner Maggs: Conners finals day heroics will go down in the history books as the first ever U17 athlete to win the board, swim, ski and ironman in a single Aussies. Added to that is an open board rescue title, a runner up in the open taplin and some of the best claims we have seen. It seems Maggs and his nutritionist Stew Duffy nailed his finals day diet to perfection, with Maggs never running out of steam during his hectic racing schedule. As an under 17 competitor, we have already seen he can match it with the opens. Incredible future ahead. 

Naomi Scott: Scott claimed her maiden Open Ironwoman Title in incredible fashion with a dominant performance. A great opening ski leg and board leg set her up to strike in the final swim. A massive congratulations to Naomi and a special mention to Danielle McKenzie for her runner-up finish. Executed her front-end race plan to perfection and a great swim to solidify her second position. Lucy Derbyshire continued her stellar summer for a third-place finish. 

Ai Day: After watching the iron semi’s the Open Ironman looked like it was anybody’s race. Cooper Williams took the final by the horns and posed a real threat – his front-end speed is terrifyingly fast. In the end Day’s swim leg was too good, claiming his third Aussie Ironman Title. Day is the ultimate professional and a true honour to watch him race. A massive effort from Williams with a very deserving runner up finish. Zach Morris claims third solidifying his outstanding summer. 

Nick Sloman wins his fifth consecutive surf race title! Nobody has ever won 6 in a row so he now sees himself in the box seat to go for history. Worth noting Ky Hurt won a total of 10 surf race titles so at only 25 Sloman has time up his sleeve to go down in the history books! Bailey Armstrong and Hayden Cotter also had inspirational swims to round out the podium. 

Lani Pallister: Would have to have the most dominate leg in surf sports history. Claimed her first ever surf race title, anchored the Alex team to their second consecutive Taplin Relay win and even went neck and neck with Hannah Scully in the board relay final. Let’s hope Pallister continues to keep surf sports on her radar as she continues to make waves in the pool. A shoutout to Naomi Scott and Jade Slee for their 2nd an 3rd place in a red-hot field. 

Tex Dixon: Max Beattie has been claiming for months that Tex Dixon is moving a board faster than anyone he has ever seen in the flat and Aussies was his for the taking. But when 16 of the best paddlers in the country line up for an Aussie Gold previous form means nothing. As one of the most passionate and dedicated trainers in the sport was awesome to see Tex take out the Open Mens Board Race, breaking the field on the way home. Will Budd and Brayden Cassemento claimed 2nd & 3rd. 

Olivia Corrin: A huge summer for Corrin as she joins the growing list of kiwis successfully joining the ranks at the top of the Australian Surf Sports scene. After podium race finishes in the Iron Series and Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series she can now add Australian Open Women’s Board Champion to her growing list of achievements. Originally hailing from the shores of Gisborne New Zealand we look forward to watching Corrin fly the New Zealand flag in the years to come. Gizzy hard! 

Also a very special mention to Harriet Brown. Haz had a massive paddle and fell a few steps short of a certain runner-up finish. A heartbreaking reminder of how cruel surf sports can be with a DQ for falling over the line but an incredible performance to still be celebrated! 

Open Ski Races: A flat ski race allows the kayakers to really stand up so somewhat no surprises to see the podiums claimed by the Australian Kayak team. Riley Fitzsimons, Noah Havard and Jackson Collins claimed 1,2 & 3 receptively in the men and Aly Bull, Jemma Smith and Ella Beere in the womens. A shoutout to Matt Bevilacqua for his 4th place finish. Highlights just how fast the ironmen are moving surf skis. 

Lily O’Sullivan: Won the U19 Ironwoman, Board Race and a runner up in the Swim. Huge season for the U19 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf MVP! Congrats to Fenella Gibbs-Beal (Noosa) for winning the swim and Natalia Drobot (Avoca) the ski. 

Mitch Morris: Took out the U19 Ironman Final and a handful of team medals with brother Jake Morris. The Morris brothers trio continues to impress. 

U19 Clean Sweeps: The Currumbin Vikings clean swept the U19 Board Podium while Newport did the same with the U19 Ski race. Congrats to Currumbin’s Nicholas Green, Ryan Green and Lucas Berezwick on the board prodium and Newports Maguire Reid, Bailey Clues, Harrison Taurins on the ski race. Currumbin’s Callum Brennan went on to win the surf race for an incredible showing from the vikings. 

Jasmine Rayward: Took out the U17 Ironwoman and ski race. Worth noting the U17 iron does not include the ski leg so Jasmine is a triple threat across all three disciplines. Lani Waller (Redhead) took out the U17 board race with a runner up in the Iron for a great day out. Newports Dominique Melbourn took honours in the U17 Womens surf race. 

Elizabeth Forsyth: Claimed her 5th beach flags title while Blake Drysdale got his 4th. Chloe Mannix-Power went back-to-back in the open womens beach sprint while Matthew Lloyd won the mens.  

Open Australian Champions:

Ali Day (Surfers Paradise)

Naomi Scott (BMD Northcliffe)


Riley Fitzsimmons (BMD Northcliffe)

Aly Bull (Alexandra Headland)


Tex Dixon (Surfers Paradise)

Olivia Corrin (BMD Northcliffe)


Nick Sloman (BMD Northcliffe)

Lani Pallister (Alexandra Headland)

U19 Australian Champions:


Mitch Morris (BMD Northcliffe)

Lily O’Sullivan (Burleigh Heads) 


Maguire Reid (Newport)

Natalia Drobot (Avoca)


Nick Green (Currumbin)

Lily O’Sullivan (Burleigh Heads)


Callum Brennan (Currumbin)

Fenella Gibbs-Beal (Noosa Heads)

U17 Australian Champions 


Conner Maggs (Newport)

Jasmine Rayward (Burleigh)


Conner Mags (Newport)

Jasmine Rayward (Burleigh)


Conner Maggs (Newport)

Lani Waller (Redhead)


Conner Maggs (Newport)

Dominique Melbourne (Newport)

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