How To Win a Title


    Do you want the secret of winning overall series titles in the Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf….

    So do I! I was told its train hard and make good decisions on race day…. But that seems too difficult, so instead I looked for a loophole in the system. 

    And even then, when the maths wasn’t mathing, I decided the best way to figure it out is to just copy the reigning champs.


    There are 3 tiers of events 10,000 7,000 and 5,000 (named for the amount of points you get for a win) and your best 5 results will be counted this summer.

    There are 5 rounds worth 10k points, so you can certainly get it done in 5 premier event appearances but like last season, it might be the smaller events that get you across the line. 

    But a win at a 7k event is only good for a 4th at a premier round, while a win at a 5k event is only good for a 9th.

    So, with the point score system only a season or two old, it was tough to figure out the best way to chase the points, cash, cheers and the crown of overall series champion.  Do you race everywhere like the Morris’ boys or keep your powder dry until it mattered most like the queen Courtney Hancock…. To be honest I still have no idea, but ill break down what I think it’ll take below. Good luck, happy hunting and always have a calculator ready.


    The iron events proved the closest event of the series last summer with just 150 points separating Zac Morris and Matt Bevilacqua on the men’s side. That’s literally a single place difference between the two Northcliffe competitors and considering Morris won a sprint up the beach over Bevilacqua at Maroochydore, it came down to the wire. Morris finished the summer with a win in the Manly 10k final, two 7000pt podiums and a 6th at the Hayden Kenny Classic for 29,960 points all up.

    Similarly on the Women’s side Courtney Hancock waited to the final round to claim the iron title, 240pts ahead of Lizzie Welborn (Newport). In the end the Sydneysider just needed to make the final at the Shannon Eckstein Ironman Classic to claim the title, but a belting on the back bank meant a 25th was all she could manage, and Hancock’s fairy-tale finish left her on top when it mattered most. The Surfers veteran finished with a 10k event win, and three other top 10s across the summer.

    DEFENDING CHAMPS: Zac Morris (Northcliffe) 29,960pts & Courtney Hancock (Surfers) 25,430pts

    WHAT YOU’LL NEED THIS SUMMER: A 10,000 point win and then top 6 in all other rounds. 

    With $10,000 plus a car on the line for overall honours, every point counts!


    The women’s swim title was almost a write off last summer with Lani Pallister winning the 5 swim events she entered to claim the title and the only bonus of the summer. The women fought hard, but the world short course champion was way too good.

    The men’s event was far more open with Hayden Cotter’s consistency of all top 5 finishes getting him across the line.

    Hayden Cotter emerges victorious, beating both Mother Nature and fellow competitors at the Shaw and Partners Hayden Kenny Surf Classic

    DEFENDING CHAMPS: Hayden Cotter (Manly) 28,510pts & Lani Pallister (Alex) 37,000pts

    WHAT YOU’LL NEED THIS SUMMER: If Lani Pallister has a summer off, you need to be in the top 5 in every round. If Lani is on the start line…… you need a miracle. 
    Same on the men’s side.


    Hannah Sculley did Hannah Sculley things by claiming the women’s board series with two wins and two podium finishes in her four keeper events. Those wins proved the difference ahead of her Northcliffe teammate Harriet Brown.

    Two wins and two podiums – a recipe for overall Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Board Series Champ.

    The Men’s board series had a lot more fire in it between Adam Palmer and Zac Morris who finished one-two, but also had “handbags at five paces” at Alex, so there was a lot more meaning in this one. Ironically Palmers ability to palm off Morris was the difference in the overall series. The Maroochy flyers 10k event win was enough to get him home overall thanks to 3 backup top 10 finishes.

    Adam Palmer claims the most electric sprint finish of the summer, paving the way to an overall Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Board Title.

    DEFENDING CHAMPS: Adam Palmer (Maroochy) 26,070pts & Hannah Sculley (Northcliffe) 30,710pts

    WHAT YOU’LL NEED THIS SUMMER: A 10,000 point win and then top 6 in all other rounds.

    The men’s ski series was the most open of all the events – case in point Jamo Porter finished 6th overall with just three scoring rounds. Nth Bondi’s Noah Havard with 2 podiums and 2 finals claimed the crown for the second straight year. The women’s series was much narrower at the top with Dani McKenzie posting 3 wins and a second, while Newport’s Jemma Smith battled hard for second .. although Surfer’s Karlee Nurthen came home with a wet sail while only managing to score in 3 rounds.
    DEFENDING CHAMPS: Noah Havard (North Bondi) 25,570pts & Dani McKenzie (Northccliffe) 33,020pts

    WHAT YOU’LL NEED THIS SUMMER: Mens: All top 10s  Womens: If you finish outside the top 2 in any round, its gonna be tough.

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