Starring in the Shire!

    Name - Summer of Surf World Cup Location - Woolgoolah Beach NSW Date - Saturday 29th October 2022 Image - KM Media ©2022

    It’s officially race week! The WANDA TRADIES ONE CLUB CLASSIC SHAW AND PARTNERS SUMMER OF SURF 5,000 kickstarts the summer and the local shire stars are ready to race!

    Here are 5 favorites to watch out for, learn from and listen to leading into the season’s first short course racing hit out!

    SARI MACKIE – The Sari Sprint

    Starting with the sand, we will see North Cronulla’s up and coming speed star Sari Mackie take to the 2km beach run. The current NSW open female champion secured herself the U17 Australian gold medal, a silver in the open women’s event, and shared the top of the podium with training partner Bella Fleming in the 2 x 1km beach relay at the recent 2023 Australian Championships. Working into her race, the ‘Sari Sprint’ that takes place in the back end of the event is one for her opponents to watch out for come Saturday morning!

    BRIT PIERCE – The Local Queen

    You could probably bet your money that she learnt to walk upon the sand of Wanda! Proudly wearing her blue, red, and navy cap since seagulls, Wanda Queen, Brit Pierce, will be one to watch this coming weekend! A talent across all three disciplines, the reigning carnival Open Ironwoman champion, and back with a recovered shoulder and a fire in her belly, representing her ‘one (and only) club’ Wanda, watch Brit race to learn a thing or two about the beach as she lines up with local knowledge like none-other!

    JAY FURNISS – Mr Furniss

    If you were wondering, yes, he is still rounding the cans! In his own words ‘Yeah, I am racing. Still hanging in there.’ We will have the pleasure of seeing Ironman Jay Furniss put his toes on the line, once again. Setting an exceptional example for his students, Mr Furniss, is so far taking it as it comes and right now, everything is said to be going well! Newly engaged and continuing his career under the Cronulla cap, we are excited to see what the shire veteran delivers in his debut carnival of the season!

    NOAH STEINER – Young Guns

    Ready to race in his backyard, Wanda’s very own Noah Steiner will line up for the weekend’s antics. Finishing 14th in the Australian Open Ironman final in 2023, awarded the honorable Dean Mercer trophy as the youngest competitor within the event and moving up in his age group category for the season ahead, Noah will be no stranger to the men racing alongside him. With another off season behind him, his local knowledge and Nathan Smith continuing in his corner, we are looking forward to seeing Noah and all other young gun’s level up and put it to the big boys.


    Cut him open and he would bleed red, blue, and navy! If he’s not setting up the club tent, towing the gear trailer or tying on craft, he is on the beach jostling you to the start line! ‘Wanda’s Wonder Dad’ Greg Pierce has been giving back to the sport before most of us reading this paragraph were born. Teaming up with his Wanda crew, Greg will be hustling on the beach, part organizing the carnival and ensuring that every one of the athletes are happy. Say hello and a big thanks to him and his Wanda team working alongside Summer of Surf to pull of what is going to be, the start of a bloody good summer.

    Racing is kicking off on Saturday the 28th of October. Don’t miss it!

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